Saturday, March 15, 2014

Artist's Statement

I thought I'd give some insight into my current work by sharing a short artist's statement. :)

Erin Loree's recent paintings reflect her fascination with the transience of nature and its ability to remind us of the constant transformation within ourselves. Through the traditional process of applying oil paint on canvas, she investigates layers of human existence while exploring themes of personal transformation and self-identity. 

Working expressively by combining diffused gradients with thick and visceral marks, she creates human or ghost-like forms and ones that resemble anthropomorphized natural phenomena such as mountains, caves, volcanoes and waterfalls. Notions of impermanence are also expressed through her handling of paint as it appears to undergo a process of metamorphosis, melting and folding into itself. Although the paint is used to create a static image, she applies it in such a way as to suggest forms that are fluid and ever-changing. 

By investigating Jung's idea that the self or observer shapes and perceives the world in his own image - seeing no boundary between the self and the external reality - Loree has gained a deeper understanding of how the external world can mirror the inner processes of the individual. In her work, she attributes human form, characteristics or emotions to non-man made objects, such as the forces of nature, as a means of seeing them as myth, allowing resolution outside the self to reflect what is happening within.

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