Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello everyone! I would like to invite you to the opening reception of a very special group exhibition that I'm taking part in:

Poetic Poverty: Experiments in Living

Opening Reception
Thursday February 6th, 8:00pm
Creatures Creating
822 Dundas Street West
(Exhibition runs from February 6th-19th)

*The Starving Artist; an archetype which those of us in the creative world are quite familiar with. A romantic notion in theory but almost never in practice, the struggle to simultaneously create and sustain is reduced to a well honed balancing act. As creative individuals, we are starved for money, time or both. Wait tables for so many hours; paint. Landscape, and then sculpt. Check in with your temp agency, and then act. 

But a minor artist with no money goes as hungry as a genius. What drove them to do it? I believe that such people were not only choosing art, they were choosing the life of the artist. Art offered them a different way of living, one that they believed more than compensated for the loss of comfort and respectability.

Our collective works become reflections of this lifestyle, of these experiments in living. We strive to move forward, outward from the constraints of both money and time in order to create works which can resonate throughout our communities.

Featuring the works of:

Erin Loree
Stella Cade
Kevin Columbus
Tongson Chen
Mony Zakhour
Rosalind Breen
Jordan McKie
Amanda Boulos
Craig Skinner
Andre Kan
Chris Perez
Susie Julia
Christina Mazzulla

Curated by Erin Kjaer

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