Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spontaneous Combustion!

Hey guys, my artwork is featured on the cover and inside the January 2012 issue of Spontaneous Combustion Magazine!

The magazine is an independent publication devoted to promoting experimental music and visual arts in Toronto. If you haven't picked up one up, you can find SC copies at a variety of locations around downtown Toronto (record stores, cafes, venues, etc.). :)
Or you can download a PDF version at:

Thanks to Marc O'Brien and Matthew Fong for asking me to be a part of this awesome project.

Other ink drawings featured inside:


Split, Twins



  1. this is really cool
    ...and more magazines should have you work in it.

  2. These ink works (and now retrospectively your more recent paintings) have the 'look and feel' (and maybe even the potential functional role and implementation) of Rorschach tests. So I bring a different kind of engagement, or looking procedure, to it as a result. Also it was a bit of a jolt to see the magazine cover treatment of your work, which like my reference above is just another way of "framing" your work. Demonstrating the power of abrupt context change, that even if the framing is subtle (a peripheral border, light text, some cropping) as in this case, I find my eyes to be guided by the conventions of magazine cover layout as much as the work being framed.

  3. I appreciate all of the kind words about my work Caio and David! :) David, I absolutely Love Rorschach tests.... in fact, my friend Chelsea is working on some right now. You should check out her work at:

    They are so mysterious and intricate.

  4. I feel a little late in responding to this entry, but congratulations! They are wonderful and playful.