Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mid-year thesis critiqqquueee!


  1. Thanks Eleanor! It went well! :)

  2. Oh, we had our crits on the same day :)

    I love it when ppl dare to take deconstructive measures that move us to and fro between the extreme positions of eye, mind, and body; it's like watching form, percept, concept split apart, or try to smother each another, or destabilize their boundaries. This is also what I'm doing in my thesis actually.

    I can't help but make the shocking connection between your faces and the 'faces' on the electrical outlets on the wall, both seem like reductions of the face to a pattern of sunken holes on a surface.

    You can only see these 'faces' when they are disconnected, exposing the severed ends. The eyes and mouth are folding doors which an unseen force originating and generated elsewhere bursts through and expresses itself here as various sometimes violent and unpredictable states of discharge.