Friday, April 22, 2011


So, over the past couple of months I have been undergoing many changes (however slow they might be happening) with my painting style. I have been experimenting a little bit trying to loosen up and feel the paint and what's in my soul rather than paint so literally. To me, these paintings are just a stepping stone towards a new path and a new direction. It all seems to be happening organically and in parallel with other transitions in my life, which is really exciting.

These are all paintings that I have done in the last month or so. Some of them are works in progress, but I'm leaving soon to go on a trip to Spain with an old friend and won't have a chance to work on them until I get back in July. If you have any suggestions or advice, I would love to hear it :)

I'm working on painting their eyelashes connecting to imply a fragile connection - that any slight movement or shift could sever it.

I wanted to include this one because it's the only in-class figure painting that I've ever finished...!

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  1. Erin this is so exciting. I find it fascinating how once you take a more intuitive approach things seem to "fall together" on many's like something is pushing you, and you're letting it guide you...
    keep rowing in the dark... there's alot to discover. :)