Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recent Florence Work

A Dark Breath

Life is a constant cycle of deaths and rebirths. This body of work stemmed from a deep need for internal transformation and renewal.

To shed one's skin to begin a new phase of life can be seen as a positive experience but it also involves pain. My work explores the liminal period between two stages of one's life and the importance of the suffering connected with it. This gestation period forces self-confrontation and acts as a doorway to a new life and rebirth. In our hour of uncertainty we enter an ambiguous world - a limbo that suspends us in the heart of darkness, into an unknown we fear but must trust.


  1. Thank you! This body of work was one of the most exciting and challenging to get through. I had to peel away many layers to get through these pieces.

  2. Phenomenal work. truly magnetic. wow...esp the 2nd one above left me speechless. magnifique!

  3. wow, i also love what is written above.